In June, VINUM is excited about the tasting of the white wines of Mâconnais, and especially of Domaine de la Jobeline!  
Domaine de la Jobeline is proud to be a member of the CCF, whose mission is to promote gastronomy through quality restaurateurs and artisanal producers.
Mâcon Verzé 2017 : silver medal with 92/100 Mâcon Verzé “En Prévisy”2016 : silver medal with 90/100 Bourgogne Aligoté 2018: silver medal with 90/100   Mâcon Verzé rouge 2017: bronze medal    
Silver medal for Mâcon Verzé 2017  

Our Wines

A group of friends has unexpectedly shown up at your door!

Why not share a bottle of Chardonnay or Aligote around a convivial and casual table of friends? Unless you prefer red wine.

Bourgogne Aligoté

Vivacity and conviviality


Freshness and elegance


Aromas and body

«clos des Chanaux»

Elegance and minerality

«En Previsy»

Richness and generosity
You’ve invited your friends over!

The Macon Verze Special Cuvees will showcase your feast and highlight these precious moments.
Our white wine selection includes:
Clos des Chanaux: elegance and minerality.
En Previsy : a hint of oak and aromatic richness.
If a red wine is what you are looking for, the softly spiced Cuvee 16 ares with silky tannins, will also please your guest.


Fresh and enjoyable

«16 ares»

Richness and charm

The Estate

In Verze, the heart of Burgundy:

The Domaine de la Jobeline is nestled in the hills of Verze, a small historic village of Maconnais, South Burgundy, offering an exceptional terroir

A tale of family history with a focus on the future:

The Maillet family was identified in the region of Burgundy 400 years ago.

A TEAM of enthusiasts

The Domaine de la Jobeline is a human-sized wine estate run by a team of enthusiasts.


THE HARVEST, from the vine to the press

The harvested grapes are immediately transferred into the press using the gravity method to protect the fruit from getting damage. The press is then instantly started.

A taylor-made VINIFICATION

The vinification and ageing process take place in steel vats or oak barrels depending on the wine produced.

The Winery, built in 2014

The winery is a thermally insulated building, equipped with new equipment to preserve optimal wine quality.
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