Decanter 2019
4 Medals for 4 cuvees

Mâcon Verzé 2017 : silver medal with 92/100

Mâcon Verzé "En Prévisy"2016 : silver medal with 90/100

Bourgogne Aligoté 2018: silver medal with 90/100


Mâcon Verzé rouge 2017: bronze medal




Le magazine Vert de Vin, a sélectionné 2  de nos chardonnays 2017dans son numéro de l’été 2019: Clos des Chanaux  issu  de vignes d’une quarantaine d’années, qui donne un vin très minéral et élégant Mâcon…
First time our Domain is mentioned in the Guide of the Best wines in France. It is the recognition  of the quality and the regularity of our work!!  
In June, VINUM is excited about the tasting of the white wines of Mâconnais, and especially of Domaine de la Jobeline!  
Domaine de la Jobeline is proud to be a member of the CCF, whose mission is to promote gastronomy through quality restaurateurs and artisanal producers.
Silver medal for Mâcon Verzé 2017  
Silver medal for Mâcon Verzé 2017  
Mâcon Verzé “En Prévisy”, the 17th vintage obtains its first honor with a gold medal    
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